As skateboards hanging on the wall with TOTEM

Hello everyone, in this video we will see how easy it is to have your skateboards ordered with the Wall Mount PRO MODEL DECK TOTEM .

NOTE : The stand includes screws and dowels that will hold it to the wall. Need a drill 6mm wall . diameter , a hammer , a screwdriver with star tip and a tape measure .
1.First present the TOTEM bracket on the wall at the desired height and mark with a dot in the top hole , then we measure from that point straight down 12.5 cms. , And mark a point.
2.Si want to ensure that the two points are in a straight line can use a spirit level .
3.Colocamos drill 6mm wall . In the machine and perform the drills.
4.Introducimos plugs into the holes.
5.Pasamos the screws through the bracket holes TOTEM , and screwed to the wall.

NOTE : It is important to tighten the screws notes have been subject hard .

" From now on your decks have the place they deserve the support TOTEM "

Now enters PRO MODEL and learn more about our products.

In your skateboard DECK MODEL PRO is unique.

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