As Griptape on your skateboard , step by step

We begin by presenting the statement of griptape above the deck and focus .

Being careful not to move remove the paper from the adhesive , glue the end of the tail and press , while we press on the deck we removing the paper from the adhesive . This step is best to go slowly so that no bubbles between the griptape and the table.

To cut the griptape is best to use a new cutter blade .

We nailed the cutter from below so that the blade rests on the edge of the table. And we're moving in the direction towards the cutting blade with us always supported in singing. The faster you do this step will need cutting.

For curves go well while doing stop prevents cutting. If you have to stop the blade continues at the same angle to avoid leaving imperfections in the cut.

MODEL PRO DECK, your skate is unique, your griptape too.

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