Cheap Skates Skateboards or expensive ? What to buy

Cheap Skates Skateboards or expensive ? What to buy

In the market there are plenty of brands of skateboards and longboards different brands . Each brand of skate is closely related to the quality offered and the audience it is intended .

This is why we can relate quality brand , or put another way mark with type of user.

Here are some examples :

If you're a beginner - do not need high quality = Buy a cheap skate and eventually see if you need to buy best quality accessories .
◾ Beginner Tips: Before you buy a skate consider your height and weight , if you are very tall deck will need a wider than normal (minimum 8 " ) , if you weigh more than 75 kg will need quality bearings (minimum ABEC3 ) .
◾ Tips for Children: For a child under 9 years is not very important type of skate , either more or less okay, yes, if the child already knows how to do tricks in skateboarding skate is advisable to buy a high quality , otherwise not enjoy it and leave it stored in the storage room.

If you're average user - You need a medium / high quality on your skate skate = Get a top quality , note reference mark in the world of skateboarding.
◾ average user tips : To not fail in buying your longboard skate or go to a store specializing in skateboards , avoid going to buy it at sports stores with wide variety of products that range options in skate will be minimal. Go to a physical store or online store specializes in skateboards .

If you are an expert - you do not need advice = The expert user is fully aware of your needs in every part of the skate , wheel sizes , hardness, width of the deck , etc. .

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