Pro Model Skateboard Deck Studio. Murcia

Since 2011 Pro Model Deck we have developed a new business model within the world of skateboarding. The contribution of innovative products within the skateboard industry is the goal in everything we do. Customization of skateboards and longboards from 1 unit is the flagship product we have been offering online to everyone so far.

In 2014 we opened the first store material exclusive Pro Model Deck where customers can develop your design directly with a new graphic designer. Any skater can have its own Pro Model is becoming easier thanks to the design tools we have implemented in our online store and smatphones with the new APP Pro Skate Design you can DOWNLOAD GOOGLE PLAY

"With this business model we get closer to the customer facilitating the design process and counseling"

Exposing all models of longboard skateboards and original products with our brand make available Studio Pro Model Deck concept store different Skate Shop we are accustomed.

This first studio is located in the city of Murcia (Spain) Street Santísimo, 4. 30012 Murcia. Tel. 968268191

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