Print skateboards or longboard

No minimum amount from 1 unit perform printing skateboards, longboards and skateboards. Our system only allows printing in Europe with no minimum order quantity. Customized to budget would amount.

We work with advertising agencies, event organizers, museums, trademarks, companies and individuals.

CMYK printing (color process) high-resolution picture quality, perfect results with maximum versatility. We work fast, from 1-day and 1 day in production for delivery (depending on number and geographical location).

SlipLayer Quality: A thin sheet covering the graphic to last longer and slide better. Similar to Santa Cruz Everslick our unique printing system is 100% skating with better results than traditional screen printing.

We are the printing factory skate no minimum order size, from 1 unit.

The best option to make your brand making skate without making a big investment.

Printing on longboard skateboards or has many practical applications: From promoting products or brands, sweepstakes, prizes for championships, trophies, gift, original product for museums, fashion brands, illustrators, artists and designers.

Contact us and request information without commitment

Model Pro Deck, your skate is unique.

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