New APP Pro Skate Design, graphic design your skateboard is easy with this APP

The best mobile application to design a skateboard or longboard, is easy and fun. This application developed by Pro Model Deck lets you customize a skateboard or longboard with simple and very powerful tools in your imagination sets the limit.

In version 2.0 included some improvements over the previous version, plus the ability to apply color to the background of the deck can also make lines using your finger as a pen, the same way we painted paper.

Another improvement included is the gallery of designs. At the end of your design application automatically saved in your gallery but can also access designs from the same application from the gallery icon included on the save button and buy.

The application lets you choose from a wide variety of shapes skate, skate longboard and cruiser. In addition, you can perform a preview deck to see how it would axes mounted.

Pro Skate Design is a free application, download and use does not cost money but if you want to buy the deck that you have designed you can. This great difference from other similar applications make Pro Skate Design a truly innovative and useful APP. Simply by clicking the buy button after validating the design is automatically sent an email with the purchase request enclosing design. Then you receive an email with instructions to purchase poseteriormente must be done from the Web Pro Model Deck. In a few days you will receive the deck at home with custom graphic that you made yourself.

You can download from Google Play on your phone at the following link.


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