Skateboards decks, longboard and cruiser limited edition

It is increasingly common for large brands or make collaborations with recognized firms for the development of exclusive products and limited edition artists. We speak of internationally known companies such as Chanel, Armani, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton or Hilfiger among others ... Collaborations for items of all kinds (surfboards, coffee makers, prams, ...) any product is valid for a loyal following the brand that is willing to buy anything that distinguishes you.

In this concept the limited editions, a limited collection time or quantity that ensures the customer that will have an exclusive product for a few works great.

On Pro Model Deck we specialize in HD digital printing on skateboards decks, decks cruiser longboard skate. Our printing system requires no minimum SlipLayer production from one unit can print decks with high-quality graphics on Canadian maple with perfect pressing.

Perfect for making skateboards in limited editions.

Beyond mere purchase, for collectors of limited products gain value with age. As it becomes more of an investment than a purchase with a tendency to devalue.

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