The Skateboard is no one, is commercially free

The Skateboard is no one, is commercially free

The skate has grown from a minority sport and unattractive by many to be an almost indispensable element in any self-respecting street style. We can see big commercial brands interested in a skateboard appears on your TV ad, one model up to a deck with heels to make the cover of a fashion magazine and fashion or a new product for skaters that an energy drink has brought to market.

And, we live in freedom. Freedom of expression and freedom of the market.

I started skating about in 1985 when there were hardly any information on the sport or the means to practice it. I have seen the industry grow skate through all kinds of stages, times when there were many fans and followers and times when you did not see a skateboarder anywhere until today. It is clear that skateboarding has undergone a major change, in my opinion, is more good than bad (the first skateboards were scooters, eye) now have more skateparks in each province thanks to the popularity of the sport, with major championships and exhibitions skaters without having to go to another country, shops and kids sponsored by brands interested in this sport we love.

Spot Mercedes Benz with Kilian Martin

I personally like to see a skater in the announcement of a new car, flip through a magazine and see the longboard is a fashion trend. I love this sport, and the more people you drive under the arm or under their feet'm proud to be skater.

The skateboard is nobody and never was. There are the real skaters.

I do not care that girl take you to supplement, not that guy bought it to go to fashion. The skateboard is nobody and never was. There are no genuine skater, starting the first skaters were "not true" that had left the surf side by riding on a deck with wheels on the asphalt surfers. All part of an evolution, life is evolution, and evolution means change and improve. Otherwise, there would be figuring skate or narrow boards with metal wheels to be more authentic.

I have read many articles that place to give birth to Dechatlon by making announcements skate and sell decks for beginners, those same beginners months after buying Dechatlon a cheap skateboard, just buying at the skate specialized best quality material already not in the "sports shop".


Criticism of fashion magazines such as Vogue for publishing articles that link a reality that many blogger fashion trends use the skate as a complement to their looks and urban styles. I think it's great that the skate beyond the limits of a mere sport to be something bigger, to be trend icon of urban culture. I understand that everyone can give their opinion about how is changing the landscape of skateboarding world and respect the opinion of those who do not like this shift is taking but before review so abruptly let us look ourselves and juzgemos if we really are " authentic "and to what extent multinational dress or buy that after all engaged in selling and making money. (Do not confuse with altruistic NGOs), all companies in the industry that are skate, companies.

Big brands like Nike or Converse sneakers have joined the bandwagon of the skateboard industry, and is a very fast skater breaks slippers, and have to buy another, and another. Why they did not begin to manufacture specialized shoes before? the answer is very simple, for years there were no skaters million today itself. What ?, What is wrong ?, we live in a free market both sales and purchasing. If a foreign company wants the sport to launch a product for the pull aprobechar they are free to do so, as the buyer is free to buy whatever he pleases.

SLS 2015 sponsored by Nike SB

Those famous brands are making big and increasingly popular skate, international competitions skateparks incredibly designed and spectacular videos are sponsored by these companies investing millions of euros in getting the skate is increasingly popular (in my opinion) dignify skaters effort to live it more than dignity as if soccer stars is involved.

It is clear that there are people for everything, and while there is variety of customers will also be a variety of brands. By this I mean that the "real", "authentic" skater can always buy brand shoes or decks you choose, freely. So it is absurd to criticize the evolution of the industry, again, the natural evolution and needed to move forward.

At the end everyone chooses you saw, you buy and where patina. Freely.

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