How to Hang a skateboard on the wall

Long ago and wanting to do and have in our online store, a simple and easy way to hang your skateboard or longboard board on the wall with a perfect finish.

VERTICAL FITTING : With only one screw can secure the upper bracket to the wall , low support insert it into the holes in the deck sinnecesidad screwed to the wall and go.

FIXING IN HORIZONTAL : You just take the measurements correctly so that it is aligned to the ground, for this you can place the brackets in the holes of the deck before making the holes in the wall, so it is easier to make marks on the wall helping one level. Once the holes is marked only make holes in the wall and screw the brackets to the studs that we provide in the pack , and voila, you can now place your skate horizontal deck with a perfect finish .

NOTE: The brackets will not tornillados to skateboard, so that once hung are no visible screws are flush hole . This way you can easily pick the deck to clean it or change it.

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