Skateboard Longboards and for promotions and advertising

Since the 80 advertising and skate have gone hand in hand , right? . Yes , but not in Spain , U.S. spoke in the skate industry for many years appearing in ad campaigns of all kinds.

Brands like Pepsi 80 bet on skateboarding in their campaigns and promoted many championships and senior skaters . Lately we are seeing in Spain the big brands and companies use skateboarding as an advertising medium to reach the younger audience. Panini did last year with its promotion of " longboard gift " on the inside of its products, it does ColaCao kids skating while taking Cacao drink . And it is becoming easier to see a longboard in a TV ad or a skateboard in an ad for BMW.

The skate is catching on strong Spanish society increasingly see skaters in our cities and towns with their longboard skate or skate regardless of age, gender and culture, and the skate is here to stay .

" The skate is here to stay "

Beer brands , car insurance , beverage brands or foods do not hesitate to make your advertising on all events (concerts , festivals , tournaments, social networks ... ) . The customer profile has changed a lot in recent years , brands have rejuvenated their modus operandi in their advertising campaigns and are doing well, very well .

The skate like and know brands .

In PRO MODEL DECK, perform printing longboards, skateboards and cruiser from 1 unit , allowing advertising agencies and design studios to perform a variety of choices in advertising campaigns skates or longboards with the logo or name of the brand they represent . There is no minimum order size, and each table can have a different design, for this reason it is ideal for awards or promotions small exclusive runs for each event.

Skateboards and Longboards way of merchandising for contests , gifts , trophies , promotions or simply mobile visual input. The skates can be customized for each event from only one unit , thus giving greater exclusivity to the brand along with your sponsorship at each event.

The skates can be customized both the top / bottom with any photography, design, illustration , etc . , Thanks to HD digital printing.


Examples of applications:
◾ Photo contest : the winner gets their photo in a skate.
◾ Competition design / logo: the winning design is printed on skateboards being given away at an event.
◾ Hostesses in music festival : mounted skate taking walks by the festival.
◾ Point Promotions " Get your skate " : direct award between smaller prizes .

Gifts of quality and exclusivity that will be the desire of those attending sponsored events.


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