Shop online skateboard HD Digital Print

Shop online skateboard HD Digital Print

For years printing skateboards was performed using spot color screen printing directly on the skateboard . The screen printing on skateboards is quite expensive , especially if we want to apply drawings or color photographs with results from far to high quality frame.

Screen printing is ideal for printing skateboards from 50 units of the same design with few colors ( 1, 2 or 3 different colors).

Skateboard factories are using a new technique very similar to the transfer in the silkscreen is applied in a transparent plastic sheet which is used as a carrier , then sublimation, this film sticks to the skateboard or longboard and passed repeatedly by heat rollers that transfer the ink to the deck. After several passes through the heat roller conveyor blade and skateboard is removed is printed with silkscreen graphic mode . Although this technique is cheaper than screen printing is subject to a minimum of 50 units to be profitable .

Since MODEL PRO DECK 2011 we have developed a technique of digital HD high resolution printing allows printing of skateboards, longboards and cruiser from 1 unit wood decks made of high quality woods . The printing system is called SlipLayer .

With this system you can now have your own Pro Model with your name, your picture , your design, etc. . , The possibilities are limitless . We can print in CMYK on white or transparent surface.

In our shop Longboards skateboards and we offer online printing skateboards, longboard and cruiser no minimum amount with your own . Besides, we print personalization abrasives for skates , Longboards in adhesive sheets or cruiser .

"In PRO MODEL DECK are continually developing innovations for the skateboard . "

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