Ask a skateboard or longboard with flowers or floral print.


Look no further, to make a skateboard with a floral print , a mosaic or a textured background has led to the appropriate web .

In PRO MODEL DECK, perform prints on skateboard with any reason you fancy , flowers , fabrics , animals or things.

The motifs of animals , flowers or other items are preferred by the skater girls, until now most graphics were very masculine so the girls do not look too identified with the sport. Since MODEL PRO DECK skaters give the girls the opportunity to print your deck with any graphic you want , from kittens , fish, flowers , or a photo of a guy in the options offered PRO MODEL DECK are limitless .

In addition , we help you design the skateboard or longboard free , free of charge. Just place an order in our online shop or skate longboard that you like and send us your design or instructions that we will prepare the printing on skateboard.

" You can also add your name to the drawing or anything you can think of , we help with the designfor free! "

Skate boards with floral prints look great for girls decks , is ideal as a gift .

In PRO MODEL DECK, your skate is unique.

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