Original gift ideas for a skateboarder

Original gift ideas for a skateboarder

Skateboard personalized with your photo, name or design.
That special day is approaching, do you want to surprise a skateboarder with an original gift? We present you some ideas to give to any skater and succeed. Our website allows you to buy with the safest and most popular payment systems. Shipping from 24 hours is free for orders over € 50.

Without a doubt the number 1 to give a skateboarder is a board, the skateboard is one of the most expensive items and therefore most valued by any skater. It is true that any deck that you can give him will be welcome, but no point of comparison with the reaction that you will get when giving a personalized deck with its graphic. From our website you can make the design yourself by adding photographs, your name or the text you want, logos, drawings, the background color, etc.

Totem, the wall bracket for skateboards.
If you don't know how to design, there is no problem. Make the purchase of the personalized deck you want and we will contact you to carry out the design for you. At no additional cost we will make the graph according to your indications, we send you an email with the result so that you give the OK or make the relevant changes.

Hundreds of clients guarantee the quality of our design service with a great result.

Totem, the wall mount for skateboards and longboards

In addition to the personalized board, another gift idea would be a personalized sandpaper. This element that is placed at the top of the board is very visible and can be pasted to the board that the skater who is going to receive the gift already has. Like the deck, the sandpaper can be designed from our website or we help you in the design process at no additional cost.

Skateboard display rack.
As a third gift option we have supports to put the skate on the wall, TOTEM is a very practical support that allows you to have up to 3 skateboards on the wall of a living room or room. Avoid having skates lying on the floor or under the bed. The variety of colors available offers you the possibility of hitting the gift that best suits your space.

Skateboard display rack hanger Skateboard display rack hanger

And as a last option as decoration, the wall support for exhibition decks. This product allows to place a skateboard on the wall as a decorative and permanent way, that is, the board that is placed will be exposed as if it were a painting. This stand is ideal for collectors of skateboards.

And so far, some gift ideas for a skateboarder.a

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