2015 Teen Choice Awards trophy Surfboards

Typical boring trophies, increasingly we see in different media and events such as skateboards, surfboards or longboard decks are transformed into a beautiful custom original trophy with the name of the event in question.

In this case the awards Teen Choice Awards 2015 held in California. Actress Gina Rodriguez and rapper Ludacris were in charge of conducting the ceremony issued by E! Entertainment Television.

The most emotional moment of the night came when the movie Fast & Furious 7 was recognized for his starring Paul Walker, the actor who died at age 40 in 2013 in a car accident.

For years the FOX network has been betting on the surfboard trophy for this event in which young people choose their favorites in different areas such as sports, music, social networking, television or cinema. Certainly, originality trophy reflects the audience it is directed, young.

See further and know how to use objects to innovate is our philosophy, we love to see how some advertisers or agencies can recognize the public's needs and make perfectly orchestrated events or shows even the smallest detail. Increasingly, European companies spend their advertising potential in youth-related events adding value to the small details.

Model Pro Deck committed to innovation as business philosophy and product, always focused on board sports like skateboarding and longboarding to offer our clients (companies and individuals) innovative value-added products and always custom.

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Model Pro Deck, your skate is unique.

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