Skateboards! Limited edition - Christian Dior

Skateboards! Limited edition - Christian Dior

The big brands use the skateboard to reach a younger and urban audience

Who would have imagined 20 years ago that major fashion brands were going to launch products so far from the world of luxury. Globalization has made the seemingly impossible come true, a skateboard associated with a legendary brand like Christian Dior shows that the limits are increasingly blurred and create incredible combinations.

In our opinion, this limited series of the brand does not stand out in its design, since it does not show the potential that Dior should transmit in this type of product.

It is true that the mere fact of the Dior logo appearing gives the product a cache, but I honestly cannot imagine this table hanging on a wall as a work of art (given its price).

If they have made this limited series to skate with glamor I do not see the meaning beyond the waste itself, if the objective is for collectors they should have provided more exclusivity in the product itself and not so much in the packaging.

We applaud the initiative that large brands use skateboard as a product but we hope that they optimize the opportunities that the skateboard has.

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