Can I skate with custom decks?

Of course you do, all that can be customized decks are made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood and pressed one by one with epoxy resin. We work with the best factories skate Spain and Europe to offer high quality products.

Furthermore, all our products are guaranteed for any manufacturing defect.


What colors can I use in the design for my skateboard?

Our printing system works only with translucent inks (CMYK) on white surface, it can print any picture or photo in full color and high resolution HD.

For a result wooden background we can print on transparent background. This system allows natural wood grain is visible but is not supported if the design includes the white, and the white color will become transparent (see the wood). To achieve the look of white wood and white photograph texture use wood to make a simulation, the result is optimal and allows white. Moreover, as translucent inks light colors (yellow, ...) will be somewhat muted and dark colors get brighter. Apply an example of your design on wooden background and we'll send a picture with the result so you can see the effect on the colors, you will see that the result is spectacular.

No print in Pantone or metallic inks in single units. For more than 50 units use the same graphic screen printing for transfer, so that it is possible to use Pantone. Please contact us for more information.


What is SlipLayer?

All skateboards, longboard and cruiser custom PRO DECK MODEL SlipLayer use the system to protect the graph. This hardened layer of polypropylene provides optimum slip waxed surfaces (rails, curbs) while protecting the chart and increases durability.

The result of printing SlipLayer is a matte finish quality and durability.

SlipLayer has been developed by PRO MODEL DECK and just find our skateboards, longboards and cruiser skate.


I want to manufacture boards skateboard, longboard and cruiser with my brand How I can do?

In PRO MODEL DECK we can help make your project a reality. With our system you can buy exclusive print skateboards, decks longobard and cruiser skate with your design from 1 unit and unlimited designs. We print unit, so you can have 20 decks with 20 graphics and optimum delivery deadlines.

We manage the production of large quantities (50, 100, 150, 200, ...) with screen printing by transfer and with your logo laser engraved on the top of the deck skateboard, longboard and cruiser.

Request information without price and delivery commitment for such manufacture.




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