Wheels cruiser colors

Wheels for soft cruiser . Although they are recommended for cruiser can also ride longboards for skates and rolling by harsh soil softer.

  • Size: 60x51mm .
  • Hardness: 80A
  • Pack of 4.
  • Bearings incluyed
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€22.30 €44.62
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The cruiser skate wheels for PRO MODEL DECK are made with materials of the highest quality European factories.

Skate wheels have different hardness scales depending on the value we want to give you. The scale is lower ( softer ) to highest ( hardest ) .

Wheel Type

Skate wheels hardest (from 95A ) are indicated for very smooth floors . This type of wheel provides higher speed and slip sliding so they are ideal for the type of " Street" with conventional skateboards .

Softer wheels ( 95A below ) roll better for rough floors such as asphalt or sidewalks. They usually have a diameter and tread more for what they do you can skate more comfortably for almost any type of soil . This type of wheel is suitable for skating at high speed descents and skids.

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