"Professional" Custom Skateboard

Sizes info
7,75"19,7 cms78,7 cmsRecommended for children and skaters of little weight and little height.
8"20,3 cms80 cmsFor adults of average complexion / Ideal measure for decoration deck
8,15"20,7 cms81,5 cmsFor large-build adults. Ramp / Vert
8,25"21 cms81,5 cmsFor large-build adults. Ramp / Vert
8,5"21,6 cms81,5 cmsFor large-build adults. Ramp / Vert

*These recommendations are indicative, each skater is free to choose the one he likes the most
2 Reviews

JART Skateboards branded skateboard with custom graphic

  • Size: 8,15 "medium concave
  • Deck: 7-ply Canadian maple made in Europe
  • Trucks: IRON Trucks
  • Wheels: 51mm. 102A
  • Griptape: Black
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2 Reviews
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Très satisfait, Produit impeccable , Impression comme souhaitée. Et les délais parfait.
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