Rack/Hanger Stand Skate deck

Rack/Hanger Stand Skate deck: Hangers for skateboard or longboard. With these wall hanger you can hang your skateboard easily with a perfect result. Patented.

  • Position: Vertical or horizontal (2 unit.).
  • Contains: 1 Wall hanger Mounting screws and dowels.

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Rack/Hanger Stand Skate deck

Hanger to put your skateboard in a wall. Valid for vertical and horizontal position.

  • Perfect for decoration. 
  • Easy to apply with only one screw to the wall, the table fits into the terminals without screwing. 
  • are served in one unit + wall plug and screw.

Hang a skateboard on the wall is easy with the new hangers PRO MODEL DECK. 

Data sheet
Height1 cms.
Width5 cms.
Depth5 cms.
Weight200 grs.
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